Zaproszenie do składania abstraktów na Heart Rhythm Congress UK


Poniżej przedstawiamy zaproszenie do składania abstraktów na Heart Rhythm Congress UK.

Abstract submission and the Young Research Worker's Prize Competition.

We are aiming to build upon the research component of last year's very successful Heart Rhythm Congress and this year the British Cardiovascular Society have kindly agreed to administer an on-line abstract submission process, which is very similar to that used for the BCS annual scientific meeting. The submission process is now open and will remain open until 7th July 2007.

The instructions for the abstracts are explained field by field, and there are opportunities to insert one image or one table per abstract if desired. The Cardiovascular Society have also provided a contact number and web address for assistance if any difficulty in uploading abstracts is experienced. As last year all abstracts other than those selected for the Young Research Worker's Prize (YRWP) competition will be presented as posters.

If you wish your abstract to be considered for oral presentation at the Young Research worker's session you should tick the appropriate box. This will be on the understanding that should the abstract not be scored high enough for the YRWP it may still be accepted as a poster. It is not possible to submit an abstract for the YRWP alone. No additional papers/materials are required for submission to the YRWP so I would encourage everyone other than senior investigators to enter this competition.

Successful abstracts will be published in a supplement to Europace and, subject to any change in deadlines provided by the publishers, it is hoped to have the abstract supplement available to delegates at the meeting itself.

Please register for the Heart Rhythm Congress and submit your abstract at

Clifford Garratt Chairman,
Young Research Worker's Prize Competition

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